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Bully- Taxi 79 Phone 593 7520
Bully the Taxi Driver
We use the same taxi driver, Bully, for all our transportation. He is native Aruban, friendly, knowledgeable, dependable and always on time. I have written about our family's experiences with him at The Aruban Taxi Driver and Bully Again.

After a long day of travel, there was nothing like exiting Aruba Customs this trip with a warm, welcoming face on the other side of the glass waiting to greet us personally. Bully has a van and can email him or telephone at 593 7520.

Prices are standard what any taxi would charge, as fees set by the government. Here is a list of the fares. Taxi fares in Aruba are per fare, or ride, NOT per person. Taxis, regardless of size, by law are only permitted to transport a maximum of 5 persons.

From the airport figure on:
Low-rise hotels $22 each way (again, NOT per person)
High-rise hotels $25 each way (again, NOT per person)

For pricing on extra luggage and Sunday & Holiday surcharges, see Fare Policies.

Though his nickname is Bully, the return email will be from "Amador Lacle", he really is a teddy bear!
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