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Flying Over Oranjestad, Aruba While On Final Approach to  Aruba's Queen Beatrix International Aiport
When you book your trip make sure that you have the proper identification that you will need for travel to Aruba. You will find the information that you need here. The airlines will not allow you on the plane if you do not have the required documents. Begin gathering island information. If you are reading this you have already begun! Besides cyber information on tours, restaurants & such, off line there are guidebooks, maps & coupons.

Checked Baggage

Baggage fees calculator- the baggage fees calculator will allow you to get the most accurate fees & allowances

Organizing & Getting Ready

  • What will you wear each day? What will be your footwear?
  • What will you wear each evening? Line up the outfits with matching shoes.
  • When packing, mix outfits suitcases with your travel companion. Hopefully it will never happen to you, but if the luggage is lost, chances are one of the bags will show up & you will have something to wear.
  • Try to assemble travel sized toiletries. Sometimes hard to find, give yourself time to find them. I usually find them at Walgreens or the Dollar Store
  • To prevent accidents & save weight in your luggage, carry liquids in plastic bottles. If you want to go all the way, also package those bottles in zip lock bags.
  • Try to keep it so that all your clothes can be mixed & matched in different combinations.
  • Make sure all luggage is clearly marked identification information.
  • Copy your passport or birth certificate & driver's license & pack & keep those copies separate from the originals or if you have email access, email to yourself storing the info in your in box. Upon arrival in Aruba always keep the originals in a safe deposit box (except drivers license)- makes things easier if you should you misplace or loose one of your documents.
  • AT&T Calling Cards are the only US calling card that will work in Aruba so plan accordingly. To dial you will need a Setar (Aruba's telephone company) operator. They can be reached by dialing 121 or having your hotel operator connect you. Tell the Setar that you would like to make an AT&T credit card call to the US. You will then be asked for the international calling number on the back of your card, the number you are dialing & your name.
  • An even cheaper way of calling the states is to purchase a Setar card. You can then dial from a phone booth. Ask your hotel for the nearest place to purchase a card. Thanks Linda C. for helping with this info.

Bundle & Roll

The more folds, the more wrinkles you will have. Rolling does save space! Dh & I had a "pack off" to prove the point. Some people wrap with tissue paper. The fold is pressing the crease on the paper instead of the clothing. Use nooks crannies of the suitcase to your advantage. Bras, socks & underwear can be stowed in any corner or gap or even inside of shoes. Use all available space. No wonder my husband can't find his socks & boxers when he unpacks?

Carry-On Bag &/or On Your Person

Pack non-liquid, personal care items, toiletries & prescriptions along with a change of clothes in carry-on luggage. Carry a few extra days worth of medication in case of any unforeseen delays. Personally, although it takes up space, I take each medication in it's original container. If there are ever any questions you will have the name of your physician, type of medication & dosage. Here are loads of other carry-on ideas.

My beach bag doubles as a pocketbook on travel days. Inside the beach bag, to keep organized, I use a cosmetics bag inside the beach bag to store the items found on the list at Carry-On Bag &/or On Your Person

My Carry On Bag

Beach Bag or Tote

Keys for luggage, car & house
Individually wrapped hand wipes or travel size hand sanitizer
Moisturizing eye drops
Mp3 player & Noise cancelling headphones
Book or a couple of magazines

For easy organization inside the beach bag or tote, a cosmetic bag

Wallet with
Money, Traveler's Checks, ATM Card & Credit Cards
Drivers License
Keys for luggage, car & house
Prescriptions for airport/plane
Mp3 player & Noise cancelling headphones
Ink Pen to Complete Immigration Form

Carry-On Baggage Limits


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