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Official National Holidays

Government offices & most businesses are closed

New Year's Day- January 1
Betico Croes' Birthday- January 25
Carnival Sunday
Carnival Monday
National Anthem & Flag Day- March 18
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Queen's Day- (to Honor Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)- April 30
Labor Day- May 1
Ascension Day- May
Christmas Day- December 25
Boxing Day- December 26

Other Aruba Events & Festivals

Aruba International Half Marathon 21K- March
International Aruba Piano Festival- April
International Boulevard Race 10K- April
2010 Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival Memorial Day Weekend
Aruba Beach Tennis National Championships- May
Aruba Food & Wine Festival- June
Aruba International Film Festival- June 4-11
Dera Gai (St. John's Day)- June 24
Aruba's International Triathlon- June
Annual Aruba Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge July
Annual Aruba Reef Care Project- July 3 - 4
Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament- August
Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival September
The Aruba Poker Classic September
Aruba Music Festival October
Aruba International Grand Slam Beach Tennis Festival- November
Aruba Heineken Catamaran Regatta- November
Sint Nicolaas Day- December 5
Dande Festival- December 27
Super Nationals Drag Races
Aruba Calendar of Events National Holidays in Aruba
Weekly Events


Aruba Carnival Grand Carnival Parade Oranjestad 2005 Don Wiss Image Gallery > Aruba Carnival

Carnival 2012

Sunday February 19 2012
Aruba's Famous Grand Carnival Parade
Oranjestad  Noon
Tuesday January 31 - Thursday February 2
Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals
San Nicolas 7:30 pm

Friday February 3
Carnival Queen Election and Coronation
Aruba Entertainment Center, Oranjestad 8:00 pm

Saturday February 4
Grand Final Calypso & Roadmarch Contest
San Nicolas 7:30 pm

Wednesday February 8
Mrs. Carnival Election
Aruba Entertainment Center 8:00 pm

Thursday February 9
Hebbe Hebbe Happening
Oranjestad 8:00 pm

Saturday February 11
Children's Parade
Noord 1:00 pm

Saturday February 11
Aruba Tivoli's Lighting Parade
Oranjestad 8:00 pm

Sunday February 12
Grand Children's Parade
Oranjestad  1:00 pm
Wednesday February 15
Tourist Night - Steelband & Costume Show
Palm Beach 8:00 pm

Thursday February 16
Lighting Parade
San Nicolas 8:00 pm

Friday February 17 2012
Ban Djo Djo Happening for Balashi Lovers
Oranjestad 8:00 pm

Saturday February 18 2012
Jouvert Morning & Pajama Party
San Nicolas 4:00 am in the streets

Grand Parade
San Nicolas 1:00 pm

Sunday February 19 2012
Grand Carnival
Oranjestad Noon

Monday February 20 2012
Carnival Monday
National holiday- official day of rest

Old Mask Parade Burning of the Momito
San Nicolas 6 pm

Tuesday February 21 2012
Grand Evening Parade & Burning of Momo
Oranjestad 8 pm
Tuesday February 22 2012
Ash Wednesday

Special Events

Aruba Hi-Winds Aruba Heineken® Catamaran Regatta
Soul Beach® Music Festival


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