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In the tropical waters, here you will find all of the common species of water life seen throughout the Caribbean: Queen Angelfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Spotlight Parrot Fish, Clownfish, Green and Spotted Morays, Puffers, Sea Cucumbers, Wrasses, Spot fin and Four Eye Butterfly, Sergeant Major, Yellow Tail Damsel, Banded Butterfly, Yellow and Spotted Goatfish, Black Bar Soldier, French Angel, Lobster, Rock Beauty, Squirrelfish, Rockfish, Barracuda. There are also seahorses, anemones, sea urchins, starfish and many many different types of coral.

Antilla Wreck (60 feet)- German freighter from World War II. She was scuttled by her German crew in 1940 as they surrendered to Dutch soldiers (Germany had invaded Holland) during the war. It was thought that German ships were possibly in the area to attack the refinery. The largest (at 400 feet long) and one of the best of the Caribbean's wrecks, she rests on her port side. A portion of the wreck breaks the surface and the rest of the ship below the water line is separated into large compartments. The ship is encrusted in coral and large tube sponges. A variety of fish can be found here and it is a popular choice among dive operators for their night dives.

Arashi Wreck (35-60 feet)- Brain coral, sea fans, star corals, angelfish and parrot fish can all be found here. A good begi crab.

Barcadera Reef (15- 120 feet)- Beautiful reef with sand bottom. Brain, Staghorn, Elkhorn and pillar coral, sea fans with many fish and moray eels.

Cabez Reef (50 feet)- Shore dive with large waves for advanced divers only. Numerous schools of fish.

California Wreck (30 - 45 feet)- Read here for the real story of the California. This north coast dive is for advanced divers only. Large sea fans and coral formations can be found here.

Commandeurs Reef (40 - 90 feet)- Deep sloping dive with sheet and leaf coral. Beautiful reef dive laden with plenty of fish.

Debbie Wreck (70 feet)- Wreck sunk in 1991, barrel sponges with leaf and brain coral.

Harbor Reef (20 - 40 feet)- Good beginner dive. Slope with sea fans, brain coral, sponges and other soft corals. Look for seahorses here.

Isla di Oro Reef (20 - 90 feet)- Wide reef, see here: moray eels, snapper, crabs, sea anemones, sheet and leaf coral, sea rods, sea whips and sponges.

Jane Sea Wreck (80 feet)- 250 foot long cement tanker standing upright in 65 feet of water at the bow and 94 feet of water at the stern. Brain, mountain, star corals and deep water gorgonians. Very popular Aruba dive.

Kantil Reef (40 - 130 feet)- Intermediate to advanced shelf dive with a severe drop off. Beautiful reef with brain, star, leaf and sheet coral, sea fans and gorgonians.

Lago Reef (120 feet)- A deep dive with coral formations, sponges, sea anemones, deepwater gorgonians and a variety of marine life.

Malmok Reef (70 feet)- Brain and leaf coral reef with purple, orange and green barrel sponges.

Mangel Halto Reef (15 - 110 feet)- Shore dive into deep water. Advanced divers only. Sloping with tube and vase sponges, deep water gorgonian, brain coral, sea anemones and a variety of underwater life.

Mike Reef (25 - 90 feet)- Large brain, mountain, star and flower corals, in addition to deep water gorgonians and soft corals.

Natural Bridge Dive (20 - 110 feet)- Very advanced dive due tostrong currents and large waves. Boulders begin the base for this dive. There are brain, star, black, fire and soft corals, sea fans and large barrel sponges.

Pedernales Wreck (35 feet)- Excellent beginner or refresher dive. A long down time for skilled divers. World War II oil tanker torpedoed by a German submarine in 1942. Cut into 3 pieces by the US military who left the mid section behind. The bow and stern were towed back to the states and welded together. The ship was then placed into service during the Normandy invasion later on in the war. Large pieces of the wreck are spread out interspersed with coral. Visible you will see piping, wash basins, toilets and even a torpedo.

Plonco Reef (20 feet - 100 feet)- Large coral reef known for its moray eels.

Pos Chiquito (20 - 80 feet)- Brain, star, flower, pillar, sheet and finger-leaf coral.

Santana Reef (20 - 50 feet)- Tough shore entry for advanced divers. Elkhorn, Staghorn and sheet coral along with shellfish.

Skalahein (15 - 140 feet)- Drift dive sloping to a great depth. Sloping with corals and loads of fish.

Renaissance Reef (20 feet - 80 feet)- A DC-3 and Beechcraft surround by a sandy bottom with brain coral, sea fans and orange sponges surrounding it.

Tugboat Wreck (40 - 90 feet)- Star, sheet and brain coral reef drop to an upright Tugboat.


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