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Aruba Bound! Photo CD Aruba Bound! Photo CD
This is "A" quality stuff. A synopsis of my observations:

1. Presentation was unique and professional
2. Loaded quickly
3. Colorful-Happy
4. Tasteful and the images covered a wide cross section of the island

R. Webb
People do not realize how great a product it is. They are great gifts. Looking forward in seeing you in June.

Many Regards:
Reaction was excellent, the two folks who received them loved them.

Marriott Aruba Resort
CD is excellent! We went to Aruba in 2000.... spring break....and will now be returning the end of March. The photos bring back many memories! Thank you for sharing.

Doug, MI
Hi Lisa & Jerry-
Just a comment on your Aruba CD! Its wonderful. PICS were right on and gave a great image of the island love the music also nice job. my Money was well spent. Thanks

Guy Napoli
Oh my goodness, it's wonderful! I'm so pleased. Love the music, a perfect complement. Can almost feel the heat of the sun and the swaying of the Aruba palm trees in the breeze. Now all I need is a frozen a beautiful collection of photos to introduce first timers to the charm and character of the island and bring back memories to past visitors. Sure helps us Arubaholics get thru the withdrawal period from one trip to another.

Gerry & Sue
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