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Driving Tour of the North End of Aruba

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From Oranjestad exploring the northern end of the island, it is easy to take the main road, 1A/1B towards the north past the low rise and high rise hotels. For the longer route and view of the beaches, make the first left for the low rise hotels and follow the road, past Druif Beach, Manchebo Beach, Eagle Beach and then the high rise resorts on Palm Beach. Turn right at the South Beach Mall onto Palm Beach Rd. in Palm Beach (3A/3B), and then turn left at the next traffic light onto the main highway 1A/1B.

This coastal road will take you through the prosperous neighborhoods of Malmok and Arashi and wind up the road to the top of the hill and the California lighthouse. You will see signs for the California lighthouse along the way.

From the lighthouse, off to the east you will see the well worn dirt trail which you can follow along the coastline towards the south to get you to the Alto Vista Chapel (up on the hill to the west), the beaches at Wariruri Bay, Budui Bay, the Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins, Boca Mahos and following the path, ultimately, the remains of the former Natural Bridge. From the Natural Bridge facing southeast, you will be able to see Andicuri Beach in the distance. Unfortunately I have never seen the paths good enough to navigate, even with a 4 x 4, on down towards.

NOTE: Heading southeast on the map, past Andicuri Beach, you will see the next sight is Three Bridges. You cannot access it from the Natural Bridge. That is unless you are on horseback. Otherwise you can get there by 4 x 4 coming from the inland route, as well as Andicuri Beach. It is a long difficult trek to get there. Some folks will tell you that it can be done, and they have done it. Just be prepared to have enough insurance to replace the vehicle as well as a cell phone if you need to get dug out or have more than one flat tire.

For a swimming detour, you can easily stop at Arashi Beach or for snorkeling, enter the water at Boca Catalina and head north for the best underwater views. Please do not try to swim anywhere along the eastern coast of the island. The water is too treacherous and you will signs posted stating as much.

Sorry I cannot give you a timeframe for this route, it is all dependent upon traffic in Oranjestad and how many stops you choose to take and how long you spend at each stop.
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