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Which Is the Best Building Block at the Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive?

Property Map of the Tamarijn With Building Numbers

Tamarijn Aruba All InclusiveBuildings are only two stories and all rooms are oceanfront. First floor vs. second floor room is personal preference. Some like the advantage of being on the ground floor and the ability to walk right out of your room directly on to the beach. Others think the view from the second floor balconies is better as well as enjoy a sense of security. Ground floor rooms all have security bars for the sliders.

To the right is a view from a room in 1300 building.

The resort runs from the north at building 1100 ending to the south at building 2500 closest to Oranjestad. The northern end at the 1100 building is not as quiet in that it is next to the fitness center, sports center (spot to pick up non-motorized watersports equipment) and a long stretch of beach beyond where many of the resorts guests choose palapas as well as owners of the Divi timeshares across the street.

Tamarijn Aruba All InclusiveSome people do not like the "far" walk to the Bunker Bar which is situated over the beach between buildings 1800 & 1900, never mind the restaurants and lobby. If you do not wish to walk, the resort does offer golf cart shuffles to the lobby area as well as the Divi, but there will be a wait.

As seen to the left, buildings 2100 - 2500 are on a beautiful quiet stretch of beach. Most people who do prefer this area love it for the peace and quiet at the southern end of the resort. The negative for some, is that the area towards the south overlooks the harbor, shipping containers and cargo ships.

As an added note, anytime I have been at the southern end of the resort at building 2500, there has been a security guard posted at the end of the property. I do not believe that there have been problems, but the guard is obviously there to keep out any strangers.

Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive All in all, 1300 has always been our preference in that it is close to everything. Our daughter is a teenager, and though we allow her some freedom, it makes it easier to check on her when she is at the pizza bar or pool area. This is also an ideal building location for those who may have difficulty walking.

1100 building does offer the best of all worlds. It is easy walking distance to the lobby, pool, buffet and bars. It is 361 feet, less than a tenth of a mile, from the north end of the 1100 building to the Tamarijn's swimming pool.

Another often mentioned topic in regards to the Tamarijn are “the rocks”. There are a substantial number of rocks the length of the resort. When the beach has rocks which are exposed, which is not all of the time, it is a slight inconvenience stepping over the rocks. Keep in mind the beach at the Tamarijn is always changing. Waves sometimes do badly erode the beach in various sections along the resort leaving these exposed rocks.

Which rooms have rocks in front of them? It seems that there is no single answer to this question since Mother Nature is always in flux. The one steady factor seems to be that there is always a beautiful stretch of white sand beach between the Tamarijn and Divi resorts.

Tamarijn Aruba All InclusiveThere are many positives of the Tamarijn which outweigh the possibility of rocks during your stay. In comparison to the high rise resort hotels on Palm Beach, with the exception of a lanai at the Playa Linda or an oceanfront unit timeshare at the Riu, the Tamarijn is only resort on the island with all rooms directly on the beach. If you are only familiar with Palm Beach, it would take only one stay here on Druif Beach at the Tamarijn to see with your own eyes and be convinced that there are beautiful beaches in Aruba which are not crowded.

Here is a map of the Tamarijn Resort property, including building numbers. The resort will not guarantee any requests, however in five visits to the resort, we have found they always do their best to accommodate our wishes. To contact the Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive with your request- from their contact page or Email reservations.
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