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Does Palm Beach Have Clear Water?

This question has come up over the years in various Aruba forums. After twelve plus years of observing Palm beach, as a long time lover of Palm Beach, I am going to add my two cents. Even in 1995 when we first visited Aruba, the water was not crystal clear.

I hear the sighs of first time Aruba visitors as I type this. Intermittently over the years, mostly very early in the morning, just after dawn, the water has appeared clear. For the most part though, the water has rarely been crystal clear.

In the past few years, the water has become cloudier. With that being said, considering the amount of traffic from the watersports boats, it is understandable. The sand is constantly being stirred up by the propellers of the boats.

I have never seen water as crystal clear anywhere in the world as it was during the six days my husband and I stayed on Paradise Island for our wedding. But, there is always a tradeoff. In two prior visits, one time the weather was too cold for the beach and the other the weather was stormy and the beach was closed due to large waves.

Given a choice, I'll take water on Palm Beach Aruba where I can only see my knees anytime of the year vs. risky weather elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Walk Palm Beach early in the morning just after sunrise and you can get some glimpses of that beautiful crystal clear water many people are seeking. It is there, you just need to know when to look for it.

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